Furuno BBWX4 Sirius/XM Satellite Weather Receiver

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Furuno BBWX4 Sirius/XM Satellite Weather Receiver

The Furuno BBWX4 Satellite Radio/ Weather Receiver provides up-to-the-minute weather and audio information for your Furuno TZTouch, TZtouch 2 and TZtouch 3. Subscription Required.
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Live-Up-to-date Weather Info for TZtouch units!

The Furuno BBWX4 is the perfect addition to your Furuno NavNet TZTouch, NavNet TZTouch2 or NavNet TZTouch3 Series MFD’s offering unsurpassed Sirius/XM Satellite Weather information. Offering piece of mind every time you head out on the water, the BBWX4 will provide you with current weather conditions and forecasts and will display this information on your Furuno MFD.

Weather warnings, wind & wave information, precipitation and cloud coverage will be displayed on your Furuno MFD map in full detail. NOWRad nationwide weather radar imagery and high-resolution sea surface temperatures are important details that can help fishermen locate hot spots as well as prepare for what potentially lies ahead.

A SiriusXM subscription is required and sold separately from the BBWX4 device and is required to receive weather data through your NavNet TZTouch, NavNet TZTouch2 MFD and NavNet TZTouch3.  Please note, A current software version is required to work with the BBWX4 and your unit may require a software update for compatibility. SiriusXM offers a wide variety of weather and audio options and you can easily determine which package best suites you directly at www.siriusxm.com/sxmmarine. If you have NavNet TZTouch2 display, you can view satellite radio channels onboard as well. The Furuno BBWX4 Sirius Receiver is a great addition to any vessel!

SiriusXM's satellite footprint does not currently include Hawaii.

Furuno BBWX4 Box Contents
Each Furuno BBWX4 Comes with:
  • BBWX4 SiruisXM receiver
  • Shakespeare SRA-50 Antenna with 25’ Antenna Cable
  • BBWX4 Power Cable
  • BBWX4 Audio Cable
  • BBWX4 Network Cable
  • SMA to SMB Adaptor
  • Installation Manual
  • Two Year Warranty
Furuno BBWX4 Key Features
  • Live, Up to the minute Weather Information
  • Includes SRA-50 Antenna
  • Simple Network Connection to TZtouch and TZtouch 2 units
  • Receive info such as Sea Surface Temp, Wind, Wave Height and More
  • Compact, Waterproof design
Furuno BBWX4 Manual- Click Here