Furuno SCX21 Satellite Compass - NMEA 0183

Furuno SCX21 Satellite Compass - NMEA 0183

The SCX21 with NMEA0183 connections from Furuno provides reliable and accurate heading to your NMEA 0183 devices. Four separate GNSS antennas provide Accurate heading info allowing your Furuno Autopilot to keep a better course, saving time, fuel, and money while the precise pitch, roll, and heave information stabilizes the display for many Furuno Fish Finders and Sonars.
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Enhanced Heading accuracy with this NMEA0183 Sat Compass!

The Furuno SCX 21 Satellite Compass is the first of its kind that uses a built-in Quad-antenna design. The SCX21 is configured so that is creates six unique baselines that are able to calculate the heading data to within 1 degree. Furuno’s SCX -21 helps reduce loss of signal and with its compact design and flexible mounting options; this satellite compass would virtually work on any size boat.

You’re able to connect your SCX 21 directly to any Furuno or compatible NMEA 0183 device to relay accurate heading, speed, position and pitch data. Use Furuno’s GP39 display to control and configure the SCX 21 output ports. Additional cabling may be required.

When pairing Furuno’s SCX21 with a compatible radar, you’re insured to get accurate and clean target trails (not jagged or zig-zag target trails). The NavPilot 300 can benefit from the SCX21 making sure your headings are accurate and consistent thus getting you to your destination quicker and saving fuel along the way.

Radar and Autopilot aren’t the only systems the SCX’s are capable of correcting. With the addition of the SCX 21 onboard, your compatible sonar will have a much cleaner appearance when there’s a choppy sea. This helps you locate the bottom type you’re looking for without struggling with the pitch and roll of the boat distorting your image.

Furuno SCX21 Satellite Compass - NMEA 0183 Box Contents
Each Furuno SCX21 Satellite Compass - NMEA 0183 Comes with:
  • SCX21 Satellite Compass
  • Cable Assembly
  • Gaskets, Screws and Adhesive
  • Flush Mount Template and Installation Guidelines
  • Operators Manual
  • Two Year Warranty
Furuno SCX21 Satellite Compass - NMEA 0183 Key Features
  • Includes Four Separate GNSS antennas for enhanced accuracy
  • When paired with a Radar echo trails hold steady and are clearly depicted
  • Lightweight antenna - only 1.0kg!
  • Outputs accurate Time, Position, Heading, COG/SOG, ROT, Roll/Pitch/Heave 3-Axis Speed, Air Temperature and Air Pressure data
  • 1.0 degree heading accuracy, 0.02 knot speed accuracy
Furuno SCX21 Manual- Click Here

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