Garmin GT41-THP Thru-Hull Transducer (Pair)

Garmin GT41-THP Thru-Hull Transducer (Pair)

Garmin's GT41-TM Thru-Hull Transducer Pair provides traditional sonar along with crisp, clear photo-like images below and to the sides of your boat. 600W Traditional Sonar with operating frequencies of 50/200 and 500W per element (1,500W Total) CHIRP ClearVu and SideVu with operating frequencies of CHIRP 260/455 kHz. Built-In Fast Response Temp Sensor. Designed for Boats with a deadrise over 5 degrees.
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Garmin has packaged two thru-hull mount transducers to accommodate boats with up to 25 degree deadrise. This transducer pair is marked for port and starboard sides of your boat and provide CHIRP ClearVu/SideVu in 260/455 frequencies that provide the user with photo like images of the bottom or side and also traditional 600 watt 50/200 kHz frequencies. The GT41-THP transducers have been optimized and provide an even better picture at depth and rough water conditions. The GT41-THP also has a built-in fast-response temperature sensor. Like the others in this line of transducer, the GT41-THP is made of stainless steel so it can be installed through an aluminum or metal boat. As always it is recommended that you follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your boat.

Compatible with Garmin 7xsv, 9xsv, echoMAP CHIRP sv Models, GPSMAP7600xsv series and GSD25 - 12 Pin Connection.

*ClearVu/SideVu CHIRP Frequency Range - 260kHz = 245-275 and 455kHz =445-465

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